First Circular

The International Symposium on GPS

- Application to Earth Sciences and Interaction with Other Space Geodetic Techniques -

[GPS99 in Tsukuba]


The symposium will consider the recent increase in GPS applications to earth sciences. The Local Organizing Committee cordially invite all of those who are interested in the following subjects;
Crustal deformations by dense GPS arrays in Southern California, Japan etc.
Ground-based and space-based GPS meteorology,
Investigation of ionosphere
Application to earth rotation studies; geocenter and reference frame etc.
Combination of SLR and GPS
Integrated space geodetic network using VLBI, GPS, GLONASS, etc.
GPS and other techniques such as SAR, gravity measurements, etc.
Crustal dynamics in the Eastern Asia and the Western Pacific, and their numerical modelling,
Physical process at plate boudary; slow earthquakes, superplume, backarc spreading, etc.
Kinematic GPS for monitoring seismic waves, tsunamis, ice flow, sea bottom displacements, etc.
Local array for volcano and earthquake monitoring and hazard reduction
Application of GPS for monitoring sealevel change
Collaborations between international projects; WING, APSG, GEODESSIA, etc.
Regional aspects and roles of the International GPS Service (IGS)
New and future space technologies and combination with conventional space techniques
Tutorial sessions for those who are beginning GPS researches, etc.



The symposium will be held in Tsukuba where the Geographical Survey Institute operates the nationwide dense GPS array in Japan. The area is conveniently located for visiting glorious old shrines in Nikko as well as other scientific institutes. A couple of scientific and sightseeing tours will be prepared by the Local Organizing Committee.

Symposium conveners:

Those who are interested in obtaining further information about this symposium are encouraged to send your name, address, phone/fax and e-mail address to the following address;