New Informations on GPS99

Many of you may have noticed the news that there was an accident on 30th September in an nuclear power plant in Japan and several tens of workers were exposed to radiating material which reached criticality. Three workers were hospitalized, local residents living within 350m from the plant was evacuated and people within 10km were recommended to stay in house. It seems from todays news that the area is mostly back to normal except the nearest area. The congress venue, Tsukuba City is about 50km southwest of the reactor and looks no effect due to this accident. Thus, we don't think there is any reason to change our plan of symposium at this moment. One point that might be mentioned is that, accidentally, there is another symposium run in parallel with our symposium in the same week in the same building, whose title is "The Ninth International Conference on Radiation Shielding". Thus, you might see a lot of media people walking around us. We are sorry for any inconvenience this event might create on all of us.

Two large earthquakes have hit on the earth recently, one in Turkey and the other in Taiwan. First of all, LOC would like to express their deepest regrets to those who did not survive from these devastating earthquakes. Over ten scientists from these two countries have already sent abstracts to the symposium. We are truly glad that, at least, some of them could yet attend our symposium overcoming this confused period at their home town. LOC decided to set up a special poster areas for these earthquakes. Those who have any information on these earthquakes, not only from Turkey and Taiwan participants but also from other countries, are welcome to raise posters. Due to limitation of availability of exhibition hall, the special poster session is on Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th, October. More than ten poster panels of 2.1mW x 0.9mH are available in these periods.

As for the special poster session, we also include Greece (September 7; M5.6) and Mexico (September 30; M7.5) earthquakes for this session. Those who have any information are invited to raise posters in the session.