Report of GPS-99 Session 11
Kinematic Application of GPS Technology to Earth Sciences

This session was well attended. There were twelve oral and five poster presentations. All the submitted papers are presented in the meeting, although one of the orals, the paper No. 11-10 from a group in England, was given as a poster, because none of the authors could be at the meeting.

Topics included various applications of kinematic GPS positioning to different remote-sensing techniques; to monitoring of deformations; to positioning at sea (surface and sea floor), as well as some details of the algorithms used.

Highlights of this session were papers on long-baseline kinematic positioning (500 -2000 km baselines) showing both static and airborne test results (Colombo, Han and Rizos), and its application to terrain mapping by space radar (Webb). Also there were interesting papers on sea-floor acoustic positioning (Chadwell et al., Asada et al., Obana et al., Osada et al.), land surface deformation monitoring (Petrowsky et al.), and buoy positioning for: (a) tsunami detection and early warning (Kato et al.), and (b) for studying surface currents, waves, tides, sea-level change, etc. (Cardellac et al.).

Oscar L. Colombo

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