International Symposium on Geodesy in Kanazawa

  • Introduction
  • 10 years have passed since the first WPGM (Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting) was held in Kanazawa in 1991. We here announce that in October 2002, an International Symposium on Geodesy will be held in Kanazawa. The symposium is dedicated to geodetic research in general, and recent advances in geodetic research and education in developing countries, and will be held in conjunction with the 98th meeting of the Geodetic Society of Japan.

    We call for papers of submission from a wide range of researchers involved in geodesy from Japan and overseas. For all participants we do not charge registration fee. For participants from overseas; (1) we do not require them to be a member of the Geodetic Society of Japan; (2) we will provide financial support for traveling within Japan for selected participants who applied for this support.

    As noted above, we encourage submission of papers dealing with problems or suggestions on geodetic research and education in developing countries, together with presentations on general geodetic research.

    We also strongly encourage presentations by Japanese members.

  • Information
    • (1)Dates:
    • October 28th (Mon) 2002 - October 29th (Tue) 9:30-17:30
      (Meeting of the Geodetic Society of Japan would be held during part of 29th(Tue) and 30th(Wed) )

    • (2)Venue:
    • Kanazawa City Kankoukaikan Hall, 2nd Floor
      The venue is located at central part of Kanazawa city and is conveniently located from hotels and tourists' attractions.

    • (3)Language:
    • English would be the formal language used for the symposium, and we accept oral (about 15minutes) or poster (panel size of at least 180cm x180cm in minimum) presentations.

    • (4)Abstract Dead Line:
    • September 10th(Tues) 2002 12:00 (GMT)(21:00 Japan Standard Time).

    • (5)Abstract Format:
    • An abstract consists of title, affiliation, name followed by the abstract. The total length should be within two A4 (29cm x 21cm) pages. Within this page limit, one can insert camera-ready figures with captions. We accept the text and the figures by e-mail. In this case, only MS-Word or pdf file format is acceptable. If sending figures by postal mail, please send both a copy of the text and the figures. Please refer to an example in the HP of the society (see the section 5).

    • (6)Application deadline for travel support:
    • September 10th (Tues) 2002 12:00 (GMT) (21:00 Japan Standard Time).
      For non-Japanese qualified applicants, we will support minimum cost necessary for traveling within Japan. We accept the application only by an e-mail. Necessary forms: Abstract, present address, traveling route (port of arrival and departure) within Japan and reasons to apply. Please refer to an example in the HP of the society (see the section 5).We will notify the qualified applicants by e-mail, and we would hand the travel support in Japanese Yen at the symposium registration desk

    • (7)Mailing and e-mail addresses:
    • Organizing Committee of the International Symposium on Geodesy in Kanazawa, Faculty of Science, Kanazawa University, Kakuma-machi, Kanazawa, 920-1192 Japan
      E-mail address:
      Notice: Abstracts for the 98th meeting of the Geodetic Society of Japan should be sent to the office of the Geodetic Society of Japan.

    • (8)Abstract Publication:
    • Abstracts will be published together with the "Abstracts of 98th meeting of the Geodetic Society of Japan".

    • (9)Proceedings:
    • We have no plans to publish proceedings of the symposium. However we welcome submissions to "Journal of the Geodetic Society of Japan".

  • Information on Kanazawa
  • Kanazawa, with a population of 450,000, is located at the central part of Japan (36$B!k(B32$B!G(BN, 136$B!k(B42$B!G(BE), and faces the Sea of Japan. It is an old castle town retaining the traditional Japan, and is a famous popular tourist stopover. It is connected to other cities in Japan by Japan-Railway (JR) Hokuriku-line, highway (Hokuriku Jidosha-do) and air (Komatsu Air Port).

    Late October is a season changing from fall to winter with an average temperature of about 13 degrees Celsius. There will be no snow during this period, but one should be prepared for occasional rainfalls.

    Further information is available from (Kanazawa City: Chinese, English, French, Holland, Portuguese, Russian and Japanese) and (Kanazawa Convention Bureau: English and Japanese)

  • Other events
  • October 28th (Mon): A public lecture will be held in Japanese after the symposium.
    October 29th (Tue): A banquet will be held in the evening and we welcome all participants of the symposium to attend. The cost of the banquet is 6,500 Yen (5000 Yen for foreign attendants of the International Symposium who make presentation).

  • Symposium hosts
  • Geodetic Society of Japan (Chariman Jiro Segawa (Tokai University))
    URL of Geodetic Society of Japan:
    Organizing Committee of 98th meeting of Geodetic Society of Japan
      E-mail address:
    Chairman Yoshiteru Kono (Kanazawa University)
    Organizers Yoichi Fukuda (Kyoto University)
      Kosuke Heki (National Astronomical Observatory, Mizusawa)
      Teruyuki Kato (Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo)
      Hisao Shimo (Geographical Survey Institute, MLIT)


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